Zoology Project Ideas

Zoology School Science Fair Projects :

The Zoology Project Ideas are perfect for science fairs and are simple for the kids to perform. These Zoology Project Ideas help children to understand body plans, behavior and features of various types of animals. Experiments like these are quite interesting in nature since they involve study of different types of animals and we all know that kids love animals. While performing these experiments kids can have a great time and at the same time learn a lot about animal kingdom.

Some of the most popular Zoology Project Ideas which are ideal for science fairs are:

science fair projects with dogs

  • How many insects can a frog consume per day?
  • Which grows faster, animal fur or human hair?
  • How can air pollution affect the growth of algae?
  • How do pets respond to different types of food?
  • Effects of temperature variation on earthworm
  • What is the effect of soil acidity on earthworm?
  • How does mucus help in slug locomotion?
  • Can artificial light affect an animal’s sleeping habit?
  • Effects of light on crayfish
  • Effects of light on euglenas
  • Effects of water pollution on fish
  • Are tropical fish territorial?
  • Effect of light on the activity of goldfish
  • Effects of phosphate on fish
  • What environment is best for the goldfish?
  • Effect of changing temperature on toad’s respiration
  • Effect of acidic water on tadpoles and other amphibians
  • Effect of temperature on the growth of tadpoles
  • Birds and camouflage
  • What do sparrows eat during winter?
  • Can music affect egg laying in chickens?
  • What conditions are best for hatching chicken eggs?
  • How do mealworms respond to the heat?
  • Effect of tobacco and caffeine on the growth of mealworms
  • Will ants walk across the talcum powder?
  • Comparison of the learning abilities of mice and hamsters
  • What colors do birds get attracted to?
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