Will anytime by any chance any other planet will have life on it ?

The possibility of life on other planets of the universe has been the subject of contention among scientists all over the world. Space research agencies like NASA were conceived with the idea of finding life on other planets apart from the

Award Winning Best Science Fair Project

Award Winning Best Science Fair Project

projects aimed at understanding the effect of universe on the life on the planet Earth. Time to time, scientists have been sending manned and unmanned space vehicles to the outer world for exploration and discoveries. With the advancement in technology, various experiments have come into shape and people are working on a number of hypotheses that may lead to the discovery of life on other planets.

Factors considered important for the existence of extra-terrestrial life

  • Presence of oxygen: Oxygen is believed to be essential for life. Hence, other planet needs to have the abundance of oxygen to sustain life. Scientists have devoted valuable years of their life to explore the possibility for the presence of oxygen or other life-supporting gas in the extra-terrestrial world.
  • Temperature similar to Earth: Distance of any planet from the sun decides the temperature of that planet. Close proximity to the sun results into intolerably high temperatures and distance leads to the colder planets. Though findings have found that there are certain organisms like thermophiles and creophiles who are able to survive in extreme temperatures also, the presence of species similar to Human Being is yet to be ascertained in other planets.
  • Presence of Water: Another most important necessity of life is water. Life is believed to be originated in water and hence the presence of water in other planets is to be ascertained to give rise to the possibility of existence of life there.

All the above factors have been considered important because these conditions are said to be prevalent on planet Earth. Still, people are out to debate that life can exist even in the absence of some or all of the above mentioned factors. Because people have not been able to discover other life supporting factors, it does not mean that life should be considered to be solely dependent on these factors only.

What makes the chances of existence of life brighter in extra-terrestrial world?

Now there is rising need to explore the universe outside our Milky Way. It is common saying that we need to believe only what we see. Since, nobody has been able to enter the universe beyond Milky Way as yet; the possibility of similar planets outside the known world cannot be ignored.

Hence, apart from the attempts like performing experiments that are considered similar to the life initiating changes that triggered life on the planet Earth (crackpot theories), the countries are funding projects aimed at discovering earth-like planets in extra-terrestrial world. The possibility of a similar universe in outer space is a food for thought for thescientists who want to realize the dream of meeting manlike creatures living somewhere in the outer world. Unless all the studies carried out turn futile, the possibility of life on other planets will always be expected.

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