What is Big Bang theory ?

Everything around us; the stars, clouds, light, earth and life itself have gradually evolved with time. They weren’t here like this always, rather they all with time came into shape and existence and it all started 13.7 Billion years ago with a bang, and the scientific theory that explains everything is Big bang theory. Now an immediate question that prompts up is what is Big Bang theory? And what does it explain.

A spark that ignited the birth of the Universe:

Big Bang theory, very elegantly explains how 13.7 billion years ago out of nowhere a universe emerged from a tiny spark

Earth Science

Earth Science (Image Credit – www.10interestingfacts.com)

or a violent bang. The infant universe in its preliminary moment was hot, dense and restless and it expanded at an unimaginable rapid speed. The rapid expansion ultimately cooled the universe down and the energy released turned into various particles and subatomic particles; like protons, electrons and neutrons.

It has been since then that the cosmos is consistently creating, evolving, changing and destroying itself and scientist and observers all over the world are trying hard for centuries to understand the laws and mysteries behind these beautiful symphonies of nature. Hydrogen was the first element that was created out of this massive explains in the cosmos.

An Observation that became a theory:

The Standard model of the universe was not always like this, it was genius of Edwin Hubble and his groundbreaking observation in 1929, which pushed the imagination of scientists in the new direction. In 1929 when he aimed his telescope at the night skies, he observed that galaxies were shifting away from each other at a rapid pace, the notion that the universe is stable was immediately withdrawn from the discussion table and a scientific fact that the universe is still expanding was authoritatively established.

What this means was that if the Universe is expanding then it must have a single point from where the expansion began? Keeping this point in mind Big Bang theory was formulated, which is an accidental observation of cosmic microwave background radiation. In 1964 it confirmed the doubts in favor of this beautiful theory and since then it has become the standard theory in Science that explain everything from the moment of creation to the present day.

Critics against the theory

Though this theory has gained a significant weight age in the scientific and general community but still there are lots of debates and questions that shroud it till this date, some of them are:

  • It defies the first law of thermodynamics.

  • There is a big debate among scientist that believes that notion of red shift was incorrectly understood while understanding this theory.
  • The earliest part of this theory contradicts the scientific notion that affirms that nothing travels faster than light.
  • From time and again this question is raised by many philosophical units that what was there before Big bang and how can universe evolve out of nothing.

The theory has its share of question that it has to answer in the coming span of time, but one thing that cannot be denied is that it beautifully answers all the Magnus vision of nature that is present around us and artistically decodes the mysteries and power of nature.

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