Water Fountain Experiment

Science experiments have always proved to be very entertaining for the kids. Kids like to perform these experiments and have a great time while learning the basics of science. Such experiments help a child develop creativity, innovative ideas and better understanding of science. These science experiments are pretty simple to carry out and involve use of daily household items which can be found easily at our home. While performing these science experiments an adult supervision is recommended to prevent any sort of injury or accident. In this article we will discuss about the Fountain science experiment which is quite amusing and easy for the kids.

Water Fountain Science Project:


Water Fountain

In order to perform this Fountain science experiment all you need is a jam jar with a lid, jam jar without lid, some plastic straws, adhesive tape, plasticine and water. First of all make couple of hole in the lid of jam jar. Now take a plastic straw and push it about two inches through one of the holes. Take three plastic straws and connect them together with the help of an adhesive tape. Push these straws through another hole in the lid. Seal both the joints in the lid by some warm plasticine.

Fill the jam jar with some water and screw the lid with straws to it. Now turn this jar upside down and immerse its shorter straw into another jar fully filled with water. Soon you will be amazed to see a beautiful fountain of water in the upper jar till the jar becomes empty. This happens because when the water pours out through the longer straw, the air pressure decreases in the jar due to which the air present outside the jar tries to get in the jar and pushes the water.

You might have observed that this Fountain science experiment is pretty simple to perform and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this amazing experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members.

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