Tricks and tips on putting Hex nut into the Bottle

There are two ways of putting a hex nut into the bottle; first simply take the nut and put it inside, this step is fairly simple and can be easily done without any hustle or fuss. Second way involves putting a hex inside the bottle without physically doing it or touching the hex. Sounds Interesting! Yes, by using few simple and safe steps putting Hex nut into the bottle can be fun, enjoyable and admirable. Let’s see how this simple art can be attained using only three things, a hex, a bottle and a piece of paper.

Bottle it up:

  • The act is very simple and requires little attention to make sure that it is executed properly; the first step is the simplest one. Any Person who  intends to perform it must bring three necessary materials involved in this act, which is Bottle, hex and paper.
  • Now glass bottle must be empty to make sure that the act is carried off out with perfection and it must be kept on a plain surface.
  • On the empty glass bottle; a piece of paper must be kept the piece of paper must be thick; people can also use their business cards instead of paper to cover the bottle top.
  • Now comes the part where a person needs to put their focus, very carefully the hex must be kept on the card, its positioning is vital and must be kept exactly above the mouth of the bottle.
  • Now with a burst of force business card must be removed, the sudden applied force on the business card will make the hex nut to flick and it will elegantly fall into the bottle.

Hex nuts are used to pack the parts of the machinery together. They are the most influential tools in packing the machinery and other hardware packs, their use is immense and certainly putting Hex nut into the bottle can be used a trick to be displayed in front of family and friends.

Fun Fact of putting Hex nut into the bottle:

  1. This is absolutely safe, and can be easily and comfortably tried at home without any expert guidance, or any technical training; all a person needs is a little practice and concentration and they can perform this art easily.
  2. This art doesn’t burden the pockets, the availability of materials in this act is simple, and is easily obtainable from within the house.
  3. It makes learning fun, basic principles of physics like balancing and force plays a vital part in this act and youngsters can be encouraged to pay focus on details to understand this phenomenon well.
  4. Apart from hex, other items like coins and rings can be used to perform the same kind of act using similar technique; all the person needs to do is replace the hex with the item they want to use like a coin or a ring, and the rest of the process of performance remains absolutely the same.

Imagination doesn’t need lavish materials or extravagant designs it requires simple focus and continuous practice to develop itself into an art and putting Hex nut into the bottle is a part of that art.

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