Taste the French delight at home

When it comes to treating the stomach with mouth watering, delightful taste the first name pops up in the mind is of

French Fries

French Fries

French fries. These delicious and tasty dishes are prepared in an elegant manner and served instantly to go with the drinks and other food items. There are many stores and eating joints from where these taste filled aromatic fries are available, but using few simple steps these fries can be prepared and enjoyed at home as well. Yes !

Now people don’t have to look out for food joints in order to treat themselves to delicious French fries they can taste them by preparing it in their homes with their own hands; Healthy, delicious and cost effective; so let’s look into how to make French fries.

Ingredients those are required:

To prepare French fries it is important to have all the ingredients in right quantity and order; potatoes that are used must be fresh and must be washed well. The fresh potatoes are good in taste and are easy to prepare. Other important ingredients without which the French fries are incomplete is vegetable oil and salt.

How it is done and prepared:

  • The first step is to wash the potatoes properly and peel them off properly, if the potatoes are not peeled correctly that will show in the final preparation of the fries, so it is imperative that the potatoes are properly peeled.
  • After the potatoes are peeled off and washed, the next step is to slice the potatoes in the right order and inappropriate strips; the shape of the potatoes sliced gives the shape in which the fries are prepared.
  • Now the next step involves rinsing and soaking the sliced potatoes strips in water properly which will soften up the potatoes and make them more crisp and easy to eat.
  • After sliced strips are soaked and rinsed in water the next step is to dry the sliced potatoes. Let the potatoes dry for approximately 5-7 minutes.
  • Now is the real step in which oil is kept on light burner and after a minute or two when oil starts to heat up, put in the sliced potatoes in the oil.
  • Keep frying the potatoes till the time they turn brown and start appearing in the shape that is pleasing to the eyes and are generally served in.
  • To add flavor to the prepared dish, put a tinge of salt and sparkle it properly and when the salt is put on the potatoes they are ready to be served, enjoyed and eaten.

The steps and the ingredients that are used in home help people prepare more quantity with high quality at an effective price. The vegetable oil, salt and potatoes that are used peeled and washed at home ensures proper quality check and the best part about the entire process is that they can be prepared instantly, a person can prepare and serve them in a matter of few minutes and in the quantity they wish. Using few simple steps and easy method, people can treat and enjoy French fries with their families and friends.

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