Story of Black Holes

The story of the universe is incomplete without the mention of Black holes; its mention raises myths and facts that are commonly observed about it. But to understand it completely first it has to be asked; what is a black hole in space? And how significant it is; in the model of the cosmos. To start with let us dwell into a basic definition of a black hole; it is that region of the space from where nothing can escape; not even light the gravity of black hole is such that it prevents anything from escaping its grasp.

How is a black hole formed?

A black hole is a phenomena that is born after a death of the star; huge giant star, something that is at least 20 to 25 bigger than the sun. In scientific term this event is called Supernova. When a star dies they are exhausted out of the energy that is required to keep them going.

]Then the gravity of the star takes command and compresses the star, forming a massive mass that is denser and that mass is so strong in its gravity that it absorbs anything that comes in its way. Even light with its speed is not an exception. Black holes are the most common occurring phenomena in the space and the astronomers have observed a presence of huge black hole in the middle of the Milky Way.

Myths about Black Hole

  • Their Color: This is most prevailing and unexplained myth, which suggest that the color of a black hole is Black. But in reality scientist have not been able to identify its color and how it looks.
  • Virtual Time Machine: Most people think that they are passage to another time in space. They are like wormholes which leave a person who enters it into some other dimension of space and time. But there is no certainty to this claim either.
  • Volume: It is considered or believed that the volume of Black hole is massive but in reality that is not true
  • Destiny of the Sun: People argue and believe that one day the sun would eventually meet the same fate and will turn into a massive black hole. But that fact negates this myth because the size of the sun is not enough to create a mass that can result into a black hole.

Since the beginning of nineteenth century scientists have been fascinated by these incredible formations that are caused due to the death of the stars. No other phenomena aroused such controversy and myths as black holes did. Some of the most brilliant brains in this field such as Steven Hawking dedicated their whole studies in understanding and decoding the myths of Black holes.

Scientists in the last few years with their advanced reach and dedicated efforts have decoded many myths that shrouded around black holes but still there are lots of things which are yet not found like.

  • What eventually lies on the other side of the black hole?
  • What is the fate of the milky way?

Though the answer seems little bleak at this moment but science is always progressing and one day the entire process and working on Black holes will be well under human grasp.

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