Simple Electricity Science Fair Projects

Science Projects Involving Electricity :

The Electricity Science Fair Projects are perfect for science fairs where children can demonstrate various properties and facts of electricity. These Electricity Science Fair Projects involve research and answering the questions with regard to batteries, circuits, magnetic fields, static electricity, power and many more. The Electricity Science Fair Projects are pretty simple to conduct and are meant for children of all age groups.

Some of the most popular Electricity Science Fair Projects which are suitable for science fairs are:

  • Techonology and Science Projects

    Make an electricity circuit with a working switch.

  • Build your own compass.
  • What will happen if Earth loses its magnetic field?
  • Characteristics of magnetic field.
  • What materials are known to produce most static electricity?
  • Build a diary which sets off an alarm when it is opened.
  • Distinguish between AC currents and DC currents.
  • Comparison of various light bulbs with regard to energy consumption, cost, brightness, heat output, etc.
  • What heating methods are known to be most energy efficient?
  • Use fruits and vegetables as batteries.
  • What safety precautions should be taken while dealing with electricity?
  • Generate electricity from various everyday activities.
  • How much electricity will the television use when it is on standby?
  • What materials are the better conductors of electricity?
  • Which brand of batteries will last longer?
  • Do electrical devices drain power when plugged in and switched off?
  • How fast can electricity move?
  • Experiment with various types of electrical circuits.
  • Soil fertility and conductivity.
  • Effect of temperature on resistance and conductivity.
  • How to build an electric motor?
  • How to build a crystal radio?
  • Effect of temperature on the life of battery.
  • Number of coils and electromagnets.
  • Hair color and static.
  • Mapping magnetic fields.
  • Turning on a light from two places.
  • Record digital data with magnets.
  • Where there is charge there is spark.
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