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Electricity for Kids can sometimes be a mystery for them especially when they do not know the principle behind it. If these kids are demonstrated with some simple examples or experiments with regard to electricity, it can become pretty easy for them to understand electricity and its properties.

Electricity Experiments for Kids :

Electricity is one of the most important energy sources and plays a major role in our daily life. All the household appliances, electronics and several other things use electricity. Electricity is basically a form of energy which builds up in one place or can flow from one place to other.

There are two types of electricity, Static electricity and Current electricity. The Static electricity gathers in one place whereas the Current electricity flows from one place to other. Electricity for Kids is the means to make kids understand the fundamentals behind electricity.

Static Electricity-

This type of electricity is produced when we rub two things together. For example we can conduct a simple experiment to understand static electricity. If we take a balloon and rub it against our jumper for a while, we will see that the balloon sticks to us. The reason behind such an occurrence is that when we rub the balloon it becomes electrically charged and the jumper possesses an opposite electric charge as a result of which the balloon sticks to our jumper. Another common example of static electricity is that when we walk on a carpet we feel a minor tingling sensation. Then if we touch some metallic object we will feel a sharp shock or pain in our hand. This is the perfect example of electric shock.

Current Electricity-

Current Electricity is the movement of electrons which carry electrical energy from one place to other. The best example of current electricity is the battery which contains electricity stored in it. When this battery is used in a torch the energy stored in it starts flowing to the lamp and is converted into light.

After demonstration of these simple examples, electricity for kids will no longer be a mystery for them and they will find it interesting to learn more about electricity.

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