Science Project on Gas Balance

Kids like to learn things that seem interesting to them. So to make science interesting for these kids, several science experiments and activities were formed which are not only fascinating but are pretty simple for the kids to perform on their own. These science experiments help in making kids understand science in a very remarkable manner and have proved to be very helpful in developing creativity, skills and understanding in kids with regard to science.

Children can select from the huge range of science experiments and can conduct any experiment of their choice at home. The Gas Balance science experiment is one of the most popular and simple science experiments. This Gas Balance experiment help kids to understand the property of gas.

Gas Balance Science Project :

To conduct the Gas Balance science experiment all you need to have is two plastic cups of equal size and weight, a glass, a narrow piece of wood (18 inches long), thumbtack, baking soda and vinegar. First of all take a plastic cup and attach the top of this plastic cup in an upright position to one side of wood with the help of adhesive or super glue. Now attach another plastic cup to other end of wood in same manner. Take a thumbtack and place it on the edge of table with its sharp end pointing upwards. Place the centre of wooden stick with cups attached on this thumbtack in such a manner that it resembles a seesaw.

While doing so make sure that the wooden stick is balanced perfectly horizontal to the ground without any tilt. Take an empty glass and add some baking soda into it. Now pour Vinegar on top of baking soda in this glass. You will see that soon it begins to froth which indicates that the carbon dioxide gas is escaping. When you tilt this glass over one of the cups, that side of the balance will fall. This happens because carbon dioxide is heavier than air and when the glass is tilted on cup, the gas finds a way in this cup which makes it heavier than the cup on opposite side. This makes the balance fall.

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