School Science Project of Solar System Planets

Solar system is arrangement of planets in our universe. This is responsible for all kind of operation and happenings in world and universe as well. It is the arrangement of all planets around the sun. Planets moves around the sun with constant timing. They also move on their axis and timing could be different for their. Sessions are changed on the basis of rounding the sun and day or night is comes on the basis of rounding the planets on their axis. For eg- Earth make round of sun 1 time in 365 days.

Summer, winter and rainy session is comes over the earth at different places on different time. This is why because session comes due changing position of earth against the sun. Day and night is happened due to rounding by earth on their axis 1 time in 24 hours.

A small project can be made to present and show the solar system. For design and make this system 10 Styrofoam ball of different shape, size and color will require. Balls for each planet should be decided according to the size, Shape, And Color.

After that wire or thread with proper length should be cut down for nine Planets to central planet Sun. Length should be 2 ½“ for Mercury, 4″ for Venus, 5″ for Earth , 6″ for Mars, 7″ for Jupiter, 8″ for Saturn, 10″ for Uranus, 11 ½” for Neptune and 14″ for Pluto. Then assemble Saturn around the Planet balls. Connect all the planet balls with the centered planet sun by the wires or threads.

A ring should be placed around the Planet ball sun. All the wires or threads should be connects with this ring and planet ball sun should be placed in to middle of the ring. Now it is ready to show demo.

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