Sample Science Projects

These science projects can be successfully made by students of grade 12

Electricity From Fruits:

This project is based on the simple principle of converting chemical energy into electrical energy.


  1. Copper electrode
  2. Zinc electrode
  3. Multi-meter to measure low voltages
  4. Light bulb-1.2V
  5. Socket for light bulb
  6. Wires

Science Project Electricity From Fruits Science Project Electricity From Fruits


  1. Insert the electrodes in every piece of fruit(to generate good amount of electricity many pieces of fruit may be needed)
  2. Remember to insert one Copper and one Zinc electrode so that each piece acts as a reservoir of chemical energy
  3. Connect all of them with each other and test the combined electricity generated through multi-meter
  4. Connect socket of bulb and observe it.

Electricity from Wind:

Electricity From Wind

Electricity From Wind

This project is based on the principle of converting one form of energy into another. In this project we will be converting wind energy into electrical energy.


  1. Wood
  2. Nails
  3. Bicycle motor
  4. A light bulb


  1. Join the wood panes to give it a shape of a large fan
  2. Make a wooden base and attach that fan to the base.
  3. Take care to keep the height of fan as high as possible
  4. Connect the fan to the bicycle generator
  5. Bicycle generator will generate electricity due to movement of fan
  6. Connect the output of the generator to a bulb or multi-meter.

This project is useful in explaining students about the non conventional energy resources and also focuses on future energy sources.

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