Removing the Bookmark from Between the Bottles

In a list of interesting experiments that can be performed using simple articles, removing the bookmark from between the bottles is sure to score high on popularity meter. This experiment does not require much effort but the practice definitely counts a lot in achieving perfection. It is based upon the principle of forces working in opposite directions. A thin bookmark, two glass bottles and a bit of concentration is required to complete this experiment. It is commonly used to impress friends by displaying balancing skills.

Procedure applicable:

  • Ghost In a Bottle

    Bottle (Image credit :

    Two glass bottles are taken and placed one above the other with mouths juxtaposed vertically.

  • A thin bookmark is placed between the two bottles in such a way that a major portion of it is stretched away from the arrangement.
  • Then the bookmark is hit with force so that it slips away from between the bottles.

The trick is enticing as the bottles do not fall down as expected.

The logic involved:

The force imparted to the bookmark by hitting is functioning only for a fraction of a minute thus is not able to disturb the arrangement of the bottles. Also theĀ restivenessĀ force working between the bottles can outdo the kinetic force imparted to the flap of the bookmark by hitting. Due to this, the bottles remain in their position, and the bookmark simply comes out of the setting leaving the audience surprised.

Some Similar tricks:

Balancing the objects always make good material in the show. These balancing acts are actually the result of the combined activity of forces working in opposite directions. Some of the tricks similar to this activity are force balancing tricks, lying on a plank between the two chairs kept at a distance apart and much more.

Most of the balancing acts utilize the concept of gravity as the gravitational forces are always present everywhere on the earth, and they interact with other kinds of forces to produce a nullifying effect which is seen as balancing beyond expectation.


This trick is always a show winner, and many people will be curious to know about the logic behind it. One can easily baffle them calling it a magic trick. The tricks based on concepts of science can be used to demonstrate various effects. These demonstrations make the science fair very interesting.

The students are expected to make projects too to qualify the exams. Hence, these demonstrations are immensely useful in making the science projects. The learning of the practical aspects of any science subject is tremendously important and so teachers encourage the students to perform experiments based around the concepts taught to them.

Benefits of magic tricks:

  • The magic tricks are of great educational importance. Kids who do not like mugging the concepts can easily learn them through games and experiments.
  • Most of the concepts involved in science subjects can be translated into experiments.
  • Magic tricks allow the learners to grasp the subjects in a better and entertaining way.
  • These tricks can be used in becoming the favorite of friends as the learner has always something interesting to share in the group.
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