Reality or An illusion

Imagine an image that looks beautiful from a distance, in color and in style and the moment you go near it simply disappears. This is a perfect example of an optical illusion and it becomes even more fun and interesting if it is performed for the kids. Kids always have an active imagination, they have their own rich creative thoughts that keep them mesmerized and if they are introduced to some fun tactics of optical illusions than the level of their excitement and thrill is doubled.

There are many optical illusions for kids that can be easily performed at home and motivate healthy learning with the kids. These kinds of illusions can be generated using different colors and shape. Let’s see some of the tricks that are fascinating to perform and fun to work with:

Things that are actually not there:

  • The additional legs: Now It is very easy to practice the trick, all the child needs is a paper and a thick black pencil and on that white sheet they must neatly sketch an outline of a table or an elephant. Once done, an illusion is ready the elephant or a table drawn on the sheet of paper will give an illusion of 5 legs but in reality there are only four, using this simple trick kids can enjoy and have fun with their colleagues and friends.
  • Moving Dots

    Moving Dots

    Moving dots: Now this illusion is becoming very popular among kids and adults, in this trick moving pink dots are drawn around a single black dot that is in the center. Now these dots keep moving around that center black dot and a person who keeps looking at the center dot when looks at those moving pink dots after a while; they appear green and the real fun part is when a person keeps concentrating on that one single dot for a while slowly the pink dots around the center dots disappear.

  • The ‘double the’: This illusion is fun and teaches the value of proper concentration, take a paper and make a triangular cone and on that cone write a simple text; ‘A bird in the bush’ and now show it to kids, friends and family member and ask them to read it, over 85 % of people will ignore the second ‘the’, because of the preconceived notion of mind, which jumps on to instinctive solutions when encountered with familiar situations.

Benefits for kids and adults:

These kinds of illusions are fun, harmless and give a greater scope of learning. People can easily increase their concentration powers and abilities using these illusions and tricks, they have the power in them to entice the human imagination and remind people that how enigmatic a human brain is and everything that appears in front of the eyes is not always true.

These illusions require attention and gives fresh perspective to mind, whenever they are watched or performed. Parents and teachers must encourage their kids to practice and learn these techniques because kids will learn what they will see and what they see is pure brilliance of what human imagination can do.

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