Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets are also known as Nd- Fe-B magnets and Samarium-Cobalt magnets. These magnets are composed of Teacherneodymium, iron and boron and Samarium. These magnets are available in various shapes such as disc-shaped, rectangular, bar shaped and many more. All these rare earth magnets are based for major industries that supply raw materials to the secondary industries that are dependent on these manufacturers for raw material.

The rare earth magnets are so much in use that the manufacturers of rare earth magnets are able to build an association of their own. The industries constituting the association share knowledge and expertise for manufacturing and development of rare earth magnets. These industries need to follow norms to ensure the safety of the handlers who need special protection while handling the rare earth metals like neodymium and samarium.

Manufacturing process of rare earth magnets:

Since the rare earth magnets manufacturing requires a certain type of method and technology, it is not possible for everybody to manufacture one on their own. The uniqueness of the method have given rise to the possibility of owning patents by the manufacturers who were fortunate to land upon the technology first due to their research and knowledge. Others need to pay a hefty sum to the inventors to own the manufacturing method followed by them.

The manufacturing of rare earth magnet starts with the development of the alloy consisting of Nd-Fe and B. This alloy is first powdered and treated using dye and isostatisitcal pressing separately. This treated material is then exposed to alignment field to orient particles in desired direction. It is followed by sintering of pressed shapes which are further rounded or sliced as per the requirement. Some may go for coating also to impart beauty to the final product. These finished shapes are then made to go through the magnetization process to achieve the desired magnetic property in the shapes produced.

Some materials like lodestone are supposed to have magnetic property naturally. They need not go through the process of magnetization to show the magnetic properties. Since this material has natural magnetic property, it is supposed to possess retentively.

Safety Measures while handling rare earth magnets:

A lot of safety is required while handling the rare earth magnets. Since these have the property to attract each other and ferrous items, they replaced close to each other may result into a catastrophic event at the manufacturing base where the magnets may start moving towards each other at great speed destroying everything coming in their way.

Neodymium, samarium and cobalt require special handling procedure as they are believed to be a bit toxic in nature. The workers handling these items should not handle them continually. These magnets may pinch the skin very strongly if they come in contact with it. Pregnant women should not be exposed to magnetic environment and children should never be allowed in manufacturing base premises at all.

Rare earth magnet industry is flourishing because of its importance in the production of electricity. These magnets are employed to make large generators that form the ultimate source of electricity.

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