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It is very commonly observed phenomena around the magnets; the minute something like a nail or metal is put in its range it is immediately pulled over. This process or phenomena in general terms is described as Magnetism.

A pull of any metal towards a magnet is defined as Magnetism; a very simple and elegant answer to the most common question, what is magnetism?  Kids and adults love to use and play with magnets and amuse themselves with this incredible metal power.

The force which a magnet generates is through its enigmatic magnetic field, it is the magnetic field; that to human eyes is invisible and allows magnets to function the way it does. The earth also has its own strong magnetic field and in ancient times, sailors used magnetic compass that worked on the directions of the earth’s magnetic compass to give direction to their journeys, it is truly an incredible phenomenon and let’s find out why.

Little bit more about Magnetism:

The space around us is filled with minutest of particles called electrons, they are present everywhere; and they have an electric charge to them, now this electric charge gives rise to the magnetic field, the field that allows the pulling or the repelling of the object. The magnetic force of the metals and their distance from one another plays an important role in determining how fast or whether or not the magnet will be able to pull the metal’s towards it.

Another important feature about magnets is that irrespective of their shape or size, every metal will have its own South Pole and North Pole and there are some simple and easy experiments that can be performed at home to testify it. Electromagnets are also byproducts of the magnets and it is the magnets that help in their formation.

Features that magnetism bring to the table:

  • Magnetic Field: A strong invisible field that makes all the movement that is pulling or repelling possible.
  • Magnets: The object with strong magnetic field, the larger the object stronger is the magnet field. They are enthusiastically used by kids and teachers also encourage their use for learning purposes.
  • Attraction: This is the force that pulls the objects towards each other. Though the distance at which objects are placed to each other plays a crucial role in determining that pull
  • Repulsion: The object with the same charge will try to fight each other’s effect, thereby refusing to surrender to the other object force. Causing them to push away from each other.

Magnetism is an important phenomenon that must be well understood so that it can be clearly explained; any lack of understanding on this subject can leave a hole in the understanding of the crucial magnetic field, which is one of the most crucial forces in the nature.

There are simple and easy to perform experiments that help in determining the effects and the nature of the magnetic field and teachers and parent must motivate their kids to participate in such kinds of experiments to broaden their understanding and increase their knowledge on of the most magnetic subject.

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