Project Based on Electricity

Electricity is the one of the best unit of science. Today we can see that electricity became compulsory part to complete work of daily routine. Electricity based project are very popular in science fair and major projects of engineering students.

A small experiment to produce electricity by vinegar can be made. For this experiment we need vinegar solution. Two clip for plus(+) and minus(-) node is required. A meter is require to check producing voltage. A 1.2 volt bulb is used to check the flow of electricity.

Following are the steps to do this experiment-

1. A 2 cm piece of copper wire and same of iron wire is used for two node plus and minus.
2. Put vinegar solution(liquid) into a pot like – beaker.
3. Put both plus and minus node into solution must keeping distance between them.
4. check voltage by touching both node of meter with vinegar solution nodes.
5. if it does not match the voltage require for lighting the bulb then make one more vinegar solution and add it with existing one by attaching plus(+) node with minus( – ) one.
6. attach the wire of bulb with the external node of twice vinegar solution. If proper work will done then bulb must light-up.

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