Power and Energy Related Science Projects

Science Projects on Energy for Kids :

Power and energy are the major necessities of our life, without them most of the modern equipments and machines are useless. The Power and Energy Related Science Projects help children to understand the importance and facts about power and energy. These Power and Energy Related Science Projects involve projects or experiments which deal with various forms of power or energy such as kinetic, geothermal, chemical, wind, solar, nuclear, etc. Experiments like these make children learn about important energy laws, measurement of energy, properties of different types of energy and many more.

Some of the most popular Power and Energy Related Science Projects which are ideal for science fairs are:

  • Make a wind turbine
  • Electric Light Bulb

    Electric Light Bulb

    Convert solar radiant power to electricity

  • Ice cube solar energy experiment
  • Magnifying glass and solar energy experiment
  • A battery that makes cents
  • Use solar energy to heat water
  • Pinwheel sensitivity
  • Use hydropower to lift a load
  • From trash to gas
  • Compare nonrenewable and renewable fuels
  • Extract energy from grass
  • Make batteries from vegetables and fruits
  • Convert chemicals into electricity
  • Water to fuel to water
  • Free power from sun
  • The power of balance
  • Fuel cells
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Build windmill generator
  • Catch the wave
  • Green your PC
  • Tireless tides
  • How the height of reservoir affects the hydroelectric power production?
  • Solar speedway
  • Variation of solar cell output with incident light intensity
  • Ideas for saving energy
  • Decomposing energy
  • Biodiesel experiment

These Power and Energy Related Science Projects are pretty simple to carry out and does not require much effort at all. These experiments involve use of simple household items that we usually find at our homes. Kids should perform these experiments under the supervision of an adult to prevent any kind of injury or accident.

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