Popcorn Science Project Experiment Step By Step

There are many experiments to do in a science faire. One of the better experiment is popping popcorn. In this experiment you will require following things and arrangements – A beaker, a Bunsen burner, around 50-60 kernels of popcorn, a small three lags stand and a dry and clean glass box with one small outlet.

Follow the steps to do pop the popcorn: –

  • Place the popcorn into the beaker.
  • Fix beaker on three lags stand keeping some distance from the base.
  • Place the burner under the base of beaker to heat it.
  • Set distance between burner and beaker for over or under heating.
  • Light the burner and start to heat beaker. You will see that after some time popcorn pop-up breaking the coat of seeds.
  • All the setup should place under the glass box.

During the experiment you have to be care full about something like :-

1. Burner should illuminate properly. Overheating can break the beaker.
2. Cold surface or roof will convert the steam into the water. So be carful that each and every component in experiment should be dry.
3. A small outlet must be in glass box to reduce air expanding in the box due to heat.
4. Supervision of older and teacher is required for illuminating burner and other risky activities.

A very nice Video is here, you can watch :

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