Plants and Biology Science Projects

Science Experiments with Plants:

Plants play a major role in supporting different forms of life on Earth. Plants are the foundation of food chain in all kinds of ecosystem. They even play a significant part in the environment by influencing climate and produce oxygen. The Plants and Biology Science Projects are meant for the purpose of making the kids understand the amazing facts and features of various types of plants.

These Plants and Biology Science Projects are simple to perform and do not require much effort at all. Kids can have a great time performing these experiments and at the same time can get valuable knowledge about plants. These experiments are perfect for science fairs where a child can demonstrate several interesting features and properties of plants.

Some of the most popular Plants and Biology Science Projects which are ideal for science fairs are:

  • Environmental Education

    Environmental Education

    Can different colors of light affect the direction of plant growth?

  • Can magnetic fields affect plant growth?
  • Can household detergents affect plant growth?
  • Can cigarette smoke affect plant growth?
  • Can caffeine affect plant growth?
  • Can sounds (music, noise, etc.) affect plant growth?
  • Can different colors of light affect the rate of photosynthesis?
  • What are the effects of acid rain on plant growth?
  • Can plants conduct electricity? (Fruit Batteries Project – Sample)
  • Can soil temperature affect root growth?
  • Can burned soil affect seed germination?
  • Can seed size affect plant height?
  • Can water salinity affect plant growth?
  • Can artificial gravity affect seed germination?
  • Can freezing affect seed germination?
  • Can fruit size affect the amount of seeds in the fruit?
  • Do vitamins or fertilizers promote plant growth better?
  • Do fertilizers extend plant life during drought?
  • Can leaf size affect plant transpiration rates?
  • Can plant spices inhibit bacterial growth?
  • Do different types of artificial light affect plant growth?
  • Can soil pH affect plant growth?
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