Physics Science Project Ideas

Physics is the study of material and energy related to motion, light, heat, force, etc. The Physics Science Project Ideas are pretty ideal for science fairs where children can demonstrate various aspects and facts of physics. These Physics Science Project Ideas help children to understand the physical world in easy and remarkable manner.

Physical Science Projects for All Ages :

Experiments like these are simple to conduct and do not require much effort at all. These experiments involve use of common household items of daily use which we usually find at our homes. The Physics Science Project Ideas are quite interesting in nature and can prove to be very fascinating for the kids.

Some of the most popular Physics Science Project Ideas which are perfect for science fairs are:

  • Water displacement
  • Vibrating coin
  • Coin

    Coin Science Project

    Super strength egg

  • Static electricity
  • Spectrum through water
  • Sound waves
  • Snappy sounds
  • Separate salt and pepper
  • Secondary colors
  • Rubber heat reaction
  • Roller coasters and loops
  • Pythagorean Tuning
  • What types of wood burn the fastest
  • Pascal’s law
  • Paper bridge
  • Musical bottles
  • Missing reflection
  • Matchbox guitar
  • Make static electricity
  • Make objects float
  • Make electric circuits
  • Test the strength of different fabrics
  • Make an elevator
  • Make a parallel circuit
  • Make a fuse model
  • Magnified light
  • Long lasting bubbles
  • Lift an ice cube
  • Levers and force
  • Study the strength of surface tension among different liquids
  • Jar compass
  • Inertia of an egg
  • Galileo’s experiment
  • Friction and vibration
  • What materials absorb the most sound
  • Floating balloon
  • Floating ball experiment
  • Egg in a bottle
  • Create lightening
  • What types of materials keep liquids hot for the longest amount of time
  • Build an inclinometer
  • Build an electromagnet
  • Balloon rocket car
  • Additive colors
  • What effect do different materials have on air resistance
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