Physics Science Fair Projects For School Going Kids

One of the most admired and interesting subjects for students at primary and secondary level is physics. The subject not only teaches us the theoretical aspect but also the practical aspect.

Most of the students love this subject as they get a chance to visit the laboratory and perform various experiments. The level of the experiments keeps on rising as per the level of the student.

At school level it is always the dream of any student to present his project in any science fair.

The physic science project is not a tough job to handle but getting the idea and to begin with the project is a tougher job. Once the idea clicks your mind then the things go as per plan. There are enormous numbers of experiments to work on your projects for your physics science fair.

Few of the simpler, Experiments for Physics science fair projects are:

Third law of motion:
Material used for this project is very nominal, you require two small wheeled tables, one bag of sand, bottle of paint and two students. Make both the students stand of the wheeled table a bit far from each other, then tell them to through the bag full of sand to each other and paint a white line on wheels to observe the motion of the two tables when the students throw bag of sand.

You will observe that both of them will receive a spontaneous reaction and the table will move to and fro, this states that “every force has equal and opposite reaction”

Demo of the cycle of rain:

Water Glass

material required is very simple one glass plate, some hot water and some ice cubes, and a bowl.

Place the glass plate above the bowl then pour hot water into the bowl, eventually water vapors will be seen on the glass plate, once these water vapors condenses due to ice cubes they will again fall into the bowl. This is the cycle of rain.

Get ahead and make your own project for your Physics science fair.

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