Physical Science Projects

Physical science is the study of non-living systems and is an encompassing term for natural science. By performing physical science projects You can learn how to make physical science easy and interesting. Sometimes by seeing the appliances like calculator and washing machine, you must be thinking that how does it work? This science gives you the knowledge about all electrical and magnetic gadgets.

You can test the electronic devices for their perfection and accuracy. For example you can test the calculators for their exactness.  Accuracy is very important for scientific and engineering calculators because in case of repeated calculations minute inaccuracies may add up and make the result unusable. You can learn different methods of testing calculators while working on the project.

You can also experiment on various separation techniques for chemicals. Depending on different type of chemicals there are different methods for separation for example chromatography, electrophoresis, etc.

Organic materials found in nature are mixture of two or more organic substances and we have to use these separation techniques to identify each substance. Organic substances can be categorized based on its chemical and physical properties. You can do these experiments in laboratory or can purchase some materials needed for the experiment.

The physical science projects may also include project related to magnets. Many crucial parts of different machines that we use in daily life are made up of magnets and electromagnets. You can do experiment to identify the magnetic permeability of different materials. Magnetic permeability is the ability of the material to become magnetized.

There are so many other physical science projects that you can perform easily at your home also but for some you need to go to laboratory and may need the guidance of technician or lecturer. Try these experiments and increase your knowledge about different materials and devices around you.

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