Non-conventional Energy Source Projects For Kids

Projects And Models For Kids On Non-Conventional Energy Source:

As we know that day by day cost of electricity is growing due to low availability of power and resources to produce electricity.

So we have to think apart from the old and regular sources of energy to save money and enviournment as well.

A modal to show to produce energy from non conventional resources is defined bellow. Producing energy from fruits is one of the best modal to show for kids for their school project.

To do this project we need some easy available items as follows-

1. copper and zinc electrodes
2. A meter to measure low voltage
3. 1.2v bulb with socket
4. Wires
5. peaces of fruits

Now start modal by following step given bellow :-

  • Insert one zinc and copper electrode in every piece of fruits.
  • Connect wire from each electrode to one main wire according to the Plus (+) and Minus (-) node.
  • Check the fallow of electricity using millimeter.
  • If there is no enough electricity then increase the no. of peaces of fruits.
  • Connect main wires with bulb using socket.
  • If proper electricity will flowing then light bulb will light – up.

A video example of producing electricity from fruit here:

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