Magnetic Force

The magnetic force is the attraction or repulsion between two electrically charged particles that are in constant motion. It was recognized by the famous physicist Lorentz and is defined as Lorentz Force too. The ultimate result of this force is production of magnetization which confirms why two particles are attracted to or repelled from each other. This force is the precursor of development of magnetic which led to the making of many objects useful for human life. It also determined various phenomena taking place on the planet Earth.

Magnetic force can also be called as force between the two poles of the magnet which are exactly opposite to each other in every sense and are known as positive and negative poles. These poles were previously known as North Pole and South Pole by the scientists who did not know what these poles were exactly.

Expression of magnetic force:

F = qv X B

Where qv and B are moving charge and magnetic field respectively.

It can also be expressed as F – qvB sin? where ? is less than 180 degrees. That means there is no magnetic force around a static charge or between the charges that is parallel to the magnetic field.

The right hand rule is the famous expression that determines the direction in which the magnetic force is moving. According to it, the magnetic force is perpendicular to both the direction of the moving charge and the magnetic field.

The magnetic force finds its utility in areas like entertainment and electronics. The making of tape head can be traced back to the presence of magnetic force that acts on moving charges residing in a moving conductor.  This generates a voltage (explained by Faraday’s law) in a generator which is used to make a microphone ultimately resulting in a tape head.

Magnetic force is used in a variety of instruments applicable in Physics such as electric motor that is used in galvanometer, voltmeter and ammeter which is ultimately the main element in Loudspeaker.

Magneto hydrodynamics is a separate branch of Physics that is utilizing the concept of magnetic force. There are various features and phenomena that arise due to the variation in the intensity of the magnetic field on the Sun’s surface. Sun spots are the famous discovery that exists because of the magnetic activity of the sun plasma. These spots are the areas of low temperatures that give rise to the dark patches on the sun.

Magnetic force is largely applicable in those fields where it is required to detect something. MRI is one of the advanced techniques of testing and detection that helps in finding the irregularities inside various parts of human body. This scan is based on the principle of varying magnetic fields inside the body that gives rise to patches and darker areas in the scan that are indicative of any kind of irregularity. Magnetic force is also used to make burglar alarm that is made up of a contact switch at heart that gets activated due to the difference arising in the magnetic field around it.

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