Magnetic Energy

Magnetic energy is defined as the energy required in generating a magnetic field. It was discovered as a result of experiments performed by a noted scientist Maxwell who has worked towards finding the relationship between the electric energy and magnetic energy. The concept of magnetic energy can be well explained by winding a wire around the iron nail. When the ends of the wire are attached to the two poles of a battery, the flow of electrons responsible for the production of electricity across the terminals of the battery can be seen. This energy generated is also known as the electromagnetic force.

Earth’s Equilibrium:

Planet earth has a magnetic field of its own. This magnetic field protects the planet from the attack of other astronomical

Earth Science

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objects which get repelled due to it. Earth is found to be made of nickel and iron at the core and this core is actually liquid in nature. The metallic nature of the core gives rise to the magnetic energy that is said to be responsible for maintaining the stability at earth which is essential for life survive. The magnetic energy of the earth is ultimately the source of binding force that allows the earth to remain in a condition feasible for life and living beings.

The magnetic energy also known as electromagnetic energy is found to be of great use in day-to-day activities. Both the electrical and magnetic components of energy are well-utilized in shaping up of objects like an electric door bell and many others.

The best example of an electromagnet is a solenoid. The solenoid is responsible for pulling any metal object back and pushing it forth to create a support for other objects that require initial impetus to start moving.

The starter of the car is nothing but a solenoid that starts working the moment it is triggered with the help of a key. Before the engine gets the support of gasoline generated energy, it relies on the electromagnetic energy of the solenoid for initial motion.

There are various types of magnetic energy that are actually known as electromagnetic energy sources. These energies may be known by different names but their main form comprises of electric and magnetic energy.  Some examples of such popular energy types are x-rays, ultraviolet light, infrared radiation and microwave etc.

All these energy forms are now very much popular among common men and they encounter them at some or the other part of their lives. These forms of energy are utilized in almost all the areas of life ranging from simple cooking (microwave) to complicated medical diagnosis ( X- rays). Thus, it will not be an overstatement if we call magnetic energize a base of our lives.

The most unique feature of magnetic energy is that it is operational even when the two objects are placed a distance apart. This energy form is supposed to have an influential area of its own and objects coming into this area of influence behave (repel or attract)according to the impact created by it.

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