Lifting the Rice Jar up using only Pencil

The jar rice has a good amount of weight on to it, and requires good arm strength to pick and hold it. But if the same jar of rice is picked using pencil, won’t that be surprising! Yes, to every extent of imagination it is something that will be fascinating and interesting to watch. Ideally, the weight of the pencil is light as compare to the jar of rice, still using simple and effective techniques this feat is made possible and can be shown to friends and peers to win their applause and admiration.

Understanding the materials that are used:

The jar has its own weight, these types of materials are made to keep the food items safely, so they are built keeping in

Rice Jar

Rice jar

mind the toughness and the strength. So they have their own weight and when that jar is filled with rice the weight automatically goes up.

While pencil on the other hand has one simple purpose that is to write, it is sharpened and used on paper and it lasts till the time it can be used, the weight of the pencil is very light and if little force is applied it can be easily broken into pieces. Therefore, to say that a jar of rice can be lifted by using a pencil sounds little ambitious provided any special kind of method or technique in it is not used.

How impossible becomes Possible:

  • The required ingredients and materials are made ready; a glass of the jar is filled with rice and it is placed on a plane surface.
  • Bring the magic stick; that is the pencil and put it inside the jar for a few minutes; keep pressing the rice with the pencil, the logic behind this step is simple to get the rice settle down completely in the jar. This step must be
    repeated gently so that the grains in the rice are settled properly.
  • Once the grain in the rice is settled then the jar can be easily lifted up. Yes! The jar comes up easily with the pencil and without using any special method or investing in any kind of gizmo a simple act of imagination is performed.

There are many other kinds of pencil tricks that are also used to perform special kind of acts that are popular and imaginative. Among them to Lift a jar of rice using pencil is most attractive and creative, it also teaches youngsters about the science of mass, and how weights can be manipulated to produce astounding results.

The logic that works in this technique is simple; the repeatedly pressing of pencil inside the jar shrink the grains of the rice tightly and make sure that they don’t move, so when the grains are packed together; the friction between the glass of the jar and rice increases and the weight of the pencil pulls up the jar easily. This method is safe, make learning fun and can be tried at home; rather parents must encourage their kids to participate in such kinds of experiments more that encourage healthy and informative learning.

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