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Kids at Lab

Kids at Lab (Image Credit – http://www.asiapacific.basf.com)

It is a proven fact that that habit which kids develop in their childhood remains with them for most of their lifetime; therefore it is imperative that they must be encouraged to participate in plays and games that sharpen up their focus and stretches their thinking horizons.

Kids must be encouraged to play games that shape up their mental growth and help them exercise their mind.

There are many kinds of mind games for kids that boost up their thinking powers and increase their intellect and the best part about these games is that it brightens up learning by adding an element of fun in the entire process of learning.

To see how kids can be benefited by these games, first let’s have a look at the types of games that are available for the kids.

Fun, play and learn:

  • Jigsaw: This is the most common and most loved mind games; it contains method, story and most importantly an element of fun that grips the kids through the entire process of putting the pieces together. It is a game where an image is distorted into small different pieces and kids using their idea and imagination to put those pieces back together to re-construct the correct and real image. Something that really interests the kids and puts their creativity to work.
  • Coloring science books: Colors have the most profound effect on the minds of the children, and if they are encouraged to color some learning models like, the structure of the human body, or an evolution chain than coloring becomes fun and educational. While coloring the charts and copy books kids can pick up the necessary information on body functions and how its systems operate.
  • Maze game: Every kid must be given an opportunity to participate in amazing maze games, these are fun to be in and give very good chance for kids to enhance their mental abilities, in an open space; a special kind of room or a maze is made and kids have to find their way out of it. The most part of this game is that even elders can participate in it and enjoy this game.
  • Picking the odd thing out: It is another interesting game where kids have to compare two pictures and find an odd element in the picture. Both pictures are identical is their shape, size and color but there always will one or hidden shapes or elements that will differentiate one picture from the other. Kids have to search that hidden item and solve this game.

Idea behind these games:

The idea is simple, to keep kids engaged and busy in activities that are beneficial for their minds and their health, the growing influence of television in kid’s life is defining their perspective which is very limited, therefore it is very imperative that kids must be encouraged to participate in games that encourages them to think out of the box because a good habit that is cultivated early in lifetime yields rewards for the entire span of life and mind games of kids; help them acquire that habit.

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