Human Biology and Health Science Projects

Science Fair Project on Health Science :

Human body is a complex system which is capable of curing numerous illnesses itself. The Human Biology and Health Science Projects are meant for making kids understand about the biology of human body and the science behind it. These Human Biology and Health Science Projects are perfect for science fairs and are quite easy to perform. Experiments like these involve use of simple items which are cheap and readily available. Kids can have a great time while performing these science experiments and at the same time learn a lot about health science and human biology.

Some of Most Popular Human Biology and Health Science Projects which are quite ideal for science fairs are:

  • Which part of my neighborhood is the most polluted?
  • How much bacterial growth develops in a cooked chicken left out in the refrigerator?
  • Which public places have the most germs and bacteria?
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    Home remedies to treat heartburn

  • Can decalcified bones reabsorb calcium from the solution?
  • Can tobacco and alcohol have bad affect on seed germination?
  • How much caffeine does a person consume when drinking tea?
  • Is it a safe practice to use same water bottle again and again?
  • How does caffeine affect the blood pressure of adults and youngsters?
  • How do different types of music affect a person’s blood pressure?
  • Do proteins digest faster in alkaline or acid environment?
  • Which cheese will get the moldiest?
  • Does a person’s eye color affect his vision?
  • How exercise affects the blood pressure of a person?
  • At what temperature do germs grow the best?
  • Do light and air affect the decomposition of food products?
  • How fast can fruits and vegetables lose their moisture?
  • Blind spot in vision
  • Construct a lung model
  • Fans and body temperature
  • Rubber bones
  • Oral bacteria
  • Corrosiveness of soda
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