How To Make A Winning Science Fair Volcano Project

Volcano is earth activity by which the heat of earth is comes out in the form burning solution. It’s a chemical reaction under the surface of earth at very deep.

A dangerous solution is comes out as result of that reaction which can damage environment and human being as well.

Making volcano modal or project is fun with valuable knowledge of science. It’s easy to make using easy available items. Items require for volcano modal are as follows-

  • Baking soda and fruit color
  • vinegar solution
  • A plastic bottle
  • A wooden ply with more size then base of volcano

Now start to make modal or project of volcano by following steps given bellow-

1. Cut the wooden ply in proper size generally grater then base decided for the volcano.
2. Cover and give the shape of mountain to the bottle using ridges.
3. Color the mountain clay using spray paint.
4. Put baking soda ,some drop of water and some fruit color into the bottle
5. pore vinegar solution into the bottle and see the effect.

Watch this Video to learn Easily :

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