Hovercraft: Design, engineering and powerful mode of transport

Hovercraft vehicles were designed and manufactured with specific purpose, the idea behind their design was to launch a mode of transport on water that is mighty and is safe for travel. The weight of this vehicle is same as that of helicopters but it is more powerful and can travel at a lightening speed. The genius of engineering and craft in design is determined by the fact the speed these vehicles are able to generate even with the strength they carry. To understand how they operate and elegantly work the question has to be framed how does hovercraft run?

Smoothest run on the water:



The speed and movement of this powerful vehicle on the sea depends upon its making, it has two key elements that determine its destiny on water; they are lifting and propelling.

The craft is helped by the giant fan, which creates an air draft in the downward direction that helps in pushing the craft upwards. In this way the engine is also supported by fan and the Hovercraft is able to generate and gain its speed and momentum on water. The craft underneath is covered with rubber skirt that helps the craft to move swiftly.

The rubber used on the edges is extra thick which prevent any kind of damage to the craft. Since craft moves without any support from the surface it is imperative that air cushion is equivalent throughout the surface to create the right kind of stability. Hovercrafts are famous for carrying massive weights on them and the strength of the weight depends entirely upon the lift that is generated by the fan.

Advantages of Hovercraft

  • They can travel swiftly and smoothly both on water and land with high speeds.
  • They do not pollute the air or cause any kind of hazardous damage to nature.
  • They are powerfully built so they can carry large amount of weights on them.
  • This mode of transport because of its design is perfectly safe for travel and can be used without any safety concerns.
  • They are effectively used by the military and in other rescue operations and disaster relief.
  • These crafts are successfully used for many safe travels of materials and goods from one place to another.
  • With advances in technology and design, very soon this vehicle can be owned and used by people for their personnel use and leisure.

The hovercraft came into existence in the beginning of the nineteenth century; however the real advancement in its shape and technology came during world war, when the armies on both sides tried to uplift their military strength by raising their level of technology and producing vehicles that were powerful, lethal and strong.

Today modern technology and change in the lifestyle of people has again revolutionized the trend in shape and design of craft vehicles, it is becoming more and more commercial and people are now using it for many purposes. The engineers and designers in this field are working on new techniques and methods to make improvements in the existing designs and to come up with something more advantageous and comfortable that suits the customer’s needs well.

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