Glow up the Dark

Imagine a beam of light piercing through the darkness, sparking up the entire room with a colorful glow, how beautiful and enchanting that whole view of the room would appear and imagine that this glow; if it can be produced at home. Yes! It is possible by using some simple and safe products and materials this incredible vision of light can be attained, enjoyed and displayed for family and the friends. First to understand how and what makes something’s or products glow in the dark, we must understand the nature of those products:

How they glow:

The products that produce a visually attractive beam of light when they are exposed to dark contain phosphors in them. Now phosphors have this ability or feature in them to produce light when they are kept in the dark, once they are energized they have this ability to produce a radiant light that shines bright to ignite the dark room.

Glow In Dark

Glow In Dark

Fluorescent lights also have the same element of phosphors in them to produce the radiance they are famous for. All the toys and other stuffs that glow in dark have the presence of two major properties; Zinc sulfide and Strontium aluminate. The plastic that is used in making such toys is mixed and matched properly using phosphors to give them the bright glow in the dark.

Some of the commonly used glow in the dark items:

  • Watches: The radiant glow that is produced in the dialers of the watches is achieved same technique.
  • Glasses: Some fancy party glasses use phosphors to produce the glow in the dark, they appear attractive and unique when worn on special fun occasions.
  • Wristbands: Glow coming out of the arms, certainly gives a pleasing and an attractive appearance.
  • Toys: Some commonly used toys like swords, cars; bikes have use of this material to give this special appearance in the room when the lights are switched off.
  • Paints and colors: Special kinds of paints and colors are now available in the markets that give an enigmatic appearance to the wall when they are applied and used. These paints glow in the dark and sparks up the imagination of artists, who are always looking to create something different with their art.
  • Signals: While driving on the road, people come across many signals that are glowing bright making them read the instructions that are written on the board, the technique used is similar and the benefit that is obtained out of it is immense.
  • Cloths/Fabrics: The designers and artists in fashion industries cannot be left behind in making use of this process, and they have come up with unique cloths and fabrics that use the products to make them glow in dark.

The use of Fluorescent lights in ‘Star Trek’, revolutionized the sale and the demand of this product, and people always find a beam in the dark attractive and enchanting, with better production and new use of technology amazing kinds of effects of light and glow are produced that are captivating and eye pleasing.

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