Ghostly Noise Experiment

As a child we all are afraid of ghosts and monsters but as we grow up we realize that these things do not exist and all we can do is look back and laugh at our innocence as a child. The experiment which is about to be discussed in this article involves producing funny and at the same time scary ghostly noise by use of balloons. This is one of the most popular and favorite experiments among kids and is known as the Ghostly Noise science experiment. This is the experiment which can prove to be funny and at the same time interesting also.

Scary Ghost Sounds Experiment :

To perform the Ghostly Noise science experiment you will need to have certain materials such as balloon and a hex nut (one fourth inch). First of all take the balloon and insert the hex nut in it. Now inflate the balloon until its little over half way inflated. While inflating the balloon kids should be very careful so that the hex nut does not get sucked into the mouth. It is always recommended to perform these science experiments under an adult supervision. After the balloon has been inflated tie a knot on its mouth so that the air does not escape from the balloon.

Now move the balloon in a swirling circular motion and make the hex nut swirl in it. You will be amused by the strange and ghostly sound the balloon makes. It sounds like a Ghostly Noise. The reason behind the balloon making such noise is that when the balloon is moved in a circular motion the hex nut also swirls inside the balloon due to centrifugal force. The flat edges of the nut vibrate against the balloon’s side as a result of which a Ghostly Noise is produced. Kids can show this cool Ghostly Noise science experiment to their friends and family members and have a great time enjoying the sound this balloon makes.

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