Generating Electricity With A Bicycle How

Generating electricity with a bicycle is an unique idea for utilizing human power into an eco friendly energy system. This process not only generates electricity but utilize the power of human body in right way.

As you see that many person ride bicycle on road or at home for exercise only just for better health.

A system can be developed to utilize the round of tire into generating electricity. This process require some other components like for supporting DC magnate generator, 12v Battery for storing electricity and a converter to convert DC to AC for using electricity with electronic home appliances.

Process For System :

For utilizing the cycles running tire to generate electricity, we have to follow these steps:-

  • First of all place the bicycle with a proper stand to be stand properly.
  • Fix the DC magnate generator with the Back tire ring chain spoket. It will generate the electricity by utilizing cycles into electricity.
  • A charge controller is used to control the over and under charging.
  • 12v Battery is connected with DC magnate Generator through charge controller. Multiple batteries can be used to store more electricity by attaching them.
  • A converter is used to convert DC electricity into AC by attaching it with Battery.
  • Any appliances can be used by connecting with converter.
  • According to a study an athlete rider produces 200W while pedaling. It can be increase by battery and inverter combination to operate any kind of electric equipment.

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