Floating of Eggs Magically

Want to surprise your friend and family members with the Eggs float magically trick, and find them in awe of your skills


Eggs (Image Credit – funnfud.blogspot.com)

and display of art, then there are some easy and safe methods that can be used at home to stun and attract applause from the people gathered around.

Yes, people have seen this technique before and have been amazed by its display, but the same technique can be carried out and performed at home without any danger or incurring any extra costs or charges.

The first thing that comes in mind when this experiment is carried out that how the mass of egg will stay afloat in the jar of glass that is water because ideally the mass of the gas must take it down the jar.

But by using some simple ingredients and the principle of heavier matter floating down can be reversed and let’s see how.

An egg that refuses to sink:

  • To start this fun act, first a person must a take a glass jar so that everything is transparent and easily visible to the audiences that are watching this act.
  • Now in the second step, fill the glass with water the water should neither be too hot or cold, it must be of medium temperature so that it is comforting for the person who is performing this act.
  • Now take out the egg and put it in the water; the minute it touches the water it will sink down, but don’t panic yet, this is where the real trick comes in and the magic ingredient is added.
  • Now comes the magic ingredient, the Salt, take a pinch of salt and put in the glass of water, which has an egg in it, the idea is to stir the water properly to make sure that the slate is properly dissolved.
  • Once the salt is properly dissolved, the egg will magically start floating. Yes! The magic will announced and it will very clearly visible in that glass jar, the only thing person must keep in mind is making sure that the salt is properly stirred and it completely dissolves to produce the effect of floating egg in the jar.

There is another way in which the Eggs float magically impact can be produced and that is by simply putting the eggs in the jar and keep the tap running. The flowing water in the jar will float the eggs up and a desired floating effect of egg will be achieved. The physics behind the magic is simple, the running speed of water keeps the egg afloat, apart from this there other egg tricks that people can use safely to impress their friends and peers.

Eggs are the part of many cultural and traditional rituals; they are used and decorated in many cultures for their auspicious presence. They can also be colored and different kinds of shapes can be produced on the white peel of egg to give it a distinct and differentiate appearance. The association of humans with eggs goes a long way back and in some form or the other, humans has always appreciated their presence in one form or the other.

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