Fireguard Science Experiment

Science experiments have always grabbed the attention of children due to their amazing features and aspects. These science experiments play a major role in the development of child’s creativity, innovative ideas and proper understanding of science. Such experiments are pretty easy for the kids to conduct and involve use of basic household items which we usually find at our home or can buy from any grocery store.

Fireguard Science Project :

While performing these science experiments kids should follow the instructions properly and should use appropriate safety equipments such as safety goggles, gloves, cloak, etc., because some of the science experiments may involve use of materials or equipments which if not handled properly can cause injury or accident.

Therefore it is always recommended to perform these science experiments under the supervision of an adult. One of the most popular science experiments is the Fireguard science experiment. This experiment is pretty amazing in its nature and is easy to perform. In this article we will discuss about this science experiment.  

To perform this Fireguard science experiment you will need only few materials such as a metal kitchen sieve and candle. First of all take a candle and light it. Now place this candle on a flat surface and then hold the metal sieve over the flame. You will be amazed to see that the flame will reach the wire net but will not go through it. This happens because the metal in the kitchen sieve is a very good conductor of heat due to which it conducts most of the heat making it impossible for the candle wax vapor to ignite above the metal wire.

You may have observed that the Fireguard science experiment is very simple to carry our and involves use of minimum household materials. Children can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members. This science experiment is perfect for school project or science fair.

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