Explosion in a Bottle Experiment

Children like to perform science experiments and find them pretty amazing due to their interesting and amazing aspects. These science experiments help children to learn about science in a very remarkable manner and are able to relate to the things that happen around them. Such science experiments help children to develop a proper understanding of science along with creativity as well as innovative ideas. These experiments or activities are quite simple to carry out and do not require use of laboratory apparatus or equipments, instead they involve use of basic household items of daily use which we usually find at our home.

While performing these science experiments kids need to take full precautionary or safety measures. They should perform these science experiments under the supervision of an adult in order to prevent any kind of injury or accident. One of the most popular science experiments is the Explosion in a Bottle science experiment. In this article we will discuss about this experiment.

Explosion in a Bottle Science Experiment :

In order to perform this Explosion in a Bottle science experiment all you need is a piece of paper, an empty milk bottle, rubber balloon and match box. First of all take a piece of paper and put it on fire with a matchstick. Once the paper catches fire immediately throw it in the empty milk bottle and then stretch a piece of rubber balloon over the milk bottle’s mouth. After a while you will be amazed to see that the rubber gets sucked into the bottle’s neck and the flame goes off immediately. The bubble will then break with a loud pop. This happens because combustion takes place in the bottle due to which there is reduction of air in the bottle. The external air pressure causes the rubber to stretch to the extent of it to break.

You might have seen that the Explosion in a Bottle science experiment is quite amazing experiment and involves little effort to successfully perform it. Kids can try this experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members.

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