Exploding Stone Science Project

Science experiments have always proved to be very helpful in explain kids the amazing aspects of science. These science experiments help children to develop creativity, innovative ideas and proper understanding of science at a very early age. In today’s world of innovation and technology it has become very essential for the kids to understand the importance of science in our daily life.

Science Experiment where a stone explodes :

These science experiments are quite easy fro the kids to carry out and involve use of basic household items which we usually find at our home or can buy from any grocery store. While performing these science experiments it is very important for the kids to follow the instructions properly and use appropriate safety equipments.

It is always recommended to perform such experiments under the supervision of an adult only to prevent any kind of injury or accident. In this article we will discuss about the Exploding Stone science



experiment which is quite an amazing experiment.

To perform this Exploding Stone science experiment you will need certain materials such as a frozen flint and a jug filled with boiled water. While performing this science experiment you need to use proper safety equipments such as safety goggles, gloves and a cloak. First of all take a frozen flint and place it outside on the ground.

No take a jug filled with boiled water and pour it over this frozen flint. Soon you will be amazed to see that the rock breaks with bangs and cracks. This happens because when you pour the boiled water over the rock, the outer layer of the rock gets heated up faster than the centre of rock and expands quickly due to which cracks are formed and the rock breaks with loud bang.

You might have noticed that the Exploding Stone science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members. 

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