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Science is all around us. Areas of home such as the kitchen, backyard and other areas provide perfect natural laboratories for kids. The Experiments to do at Home can be lot of fun for children and at the same time these experiments make children learn a great deal about science and the world in which they live.

Kids Home Science Experiments:

The Experiments to do at Home give kids an opportunity to invent, discover, create or learn how things work.

Most of these Experiments you can do at Home involve use of commonly found household items such as plastic bottles, cups, bowls, corn starch, vinegar, salt, ice cubes, eggs, water, carbonated soda, lemon, oil, baking soda, food color, cardboard, paper clips, paper, tissue paper, empty milk carton, plastic combs, balloon, etc.

As children get involved in such Experiments to do at Home certain issues such as education and safety precautions should be kept in mind. Children should perform these experiments as per the instructions and should use safety equipments such as safety goggles, cloak, safety gloves, etc. The most important thing of all is to conduct these experiments under an adult supervision in order to prevent any kind of injury or accidents.

Some of the most popular Experiments to do at Home are:

  • Blind spot entertainment
  • Create a butterfly garden
  • Collecting butterflies
  • Backyard bird watching
  • Bee memory experiment
  • Leaf chromatography
  • Flower dissection
  • Build a DNA model
  • Eye chart vision test
  • Drinking plants
  • How to make a fossil cast
  • Weather experiments
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Water experiments
  • Solar purifier
  • Make a seismograph
  • Invisible ink
  • Rainbow reaction tube
  • Slime recipes
  • Growing germs
  • Bubbles and baking soda
  • Green eggs and ham
  • Build a solar oven
  • Mirror illusions
  • Make a kaleidoscope
  • Make quicksand
  • Make a water wheel
  • Compass activities
  • Balloon jet
  • Build a rubber band car
  • Make a vacuum cleaner
  • Make a pinhole camera
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