Experimenting with Ice

Ice cube

Ice cube (Image Credit – www.redjar.org)

Water appears in three common states; solid, liquid and gases. A fact well known and well established, the solid state of water is frozen ice. The mesmerizing beautiful and magnificent structure of nature that appeals the sense with its fascinating appearance, the scientists over the years have fondly studied and understood the properties of ice and conducted some easy and simple experiments to understand it better and they so far has been successful in their attempts and efforts.

Today, science can explain almost everything about the ice, its temperature, how they are formed, how different shapes in the form of ice flakes are formed and how using different other materials; experiments can be performed using ice.

To go into the types of experiments that can be performed keeping in check the weight of ice science project, first let’s understand more about ice and its properties.

Beautiful structures of Nature:

A solid form of water whose color depends upon the impurities it contains, therefore it can appear transparent, opaque and at times bluish-white. It is less dense than water and hence it always floats on it. This is the reason most of the times, people can see it floating on the river beds and most common example that can be seen in everyday life is when the cubes of ice are put in some liquid or water, it can be easily observed that the ice doesn’t drown rather it keeps on floating. Now let’s look into some simple and easy experiments using Ice, and try to get a better understanding of its properties.

Some experiments that is easy and Fun:

  • Frosting it up: Making frost was never this easy and fun. All a person needs to do is empty the can and then fill that can with crushed ice, the can must only be filled 2/3 full with crushed ice. Now once the can is filled up, water must be spread on the piece of paper and it has to be placed underneath the can. The remainder of the chain must be filled with salt and then it has to be properly mixed. This process must continue till the time the ice is not well mixed with salt. Once proper mixture is obtained a layer of frost can be observed on the can.
  • Creating snow at home: Scientist have explained in well elaborated theories how snow is produced but snow can be created in home using kitchen blender and that to quite easily and safely and kids can really enjoy the effects of snow and have fun with it, all that is required for this experiment is a blender and a crushed ice, the crushed ice collected must be mixed well in the blender till the time it doesn’t give the appearance of the real ice. To make the effects look more real there are snow powders that can be purchased from the market. The whole process hardly takes any time and creates something that be cherished and enjoyed for long.

The experiments with Ice are in abundance, all that is required is little interest and carefulness and these experiments can become an important tool in enhancing the learning of the kids towards these incredible phenomena of nature.

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