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Science experiments have become pretty necessary to make children take science as a fun subject. These science experiments help kids to understand science in an interesting manner and they have a great time while performing such experiments. One of the most popular science experiments is the Expanding Metal science experiment. In this article we will discuss about this experiment.

Science experiment with hot aluminum knitting needle :

In order to perform this Expanding Metal science experiment all you need is couple of empty wine bottles,  one with a cork and other without a cork, aluminum knitting needle, sewing needle, glue, paper, candle and matchbox.

First of all Take the empty bottle with a cork and push the knitting needle through its cork in horizontal position. Now take a sewing needle and place it over the mouth of another bottle that is without a cork.

Place the other end of the knitting needle over the mouth of another empty bottle with a sewing needle in such a manner that the sewing needle and the end of knitting needle are perpendicular to each other.

Take a piece of paper and cut in a shape of an arrow. Stick this paper arrow to the sewing needle with the help of glue. The apparatus is now ready for the experiment. Light a candle and place it below the middle of knitting needle in such a way that the tip of the flame touches the knitting needle. Watch carefully and after a while you will be amazed to see that the arrow starts to turn in one direction. This happens because aluminum expands due to heat as a result of which it moves the sewing needle below it.

You might have observed that the Expanding Metal science experiment is pretty simple to carry out and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this science experiment at their home and find it pretty amazing. They can even demonstrate this science experiment in their class or use in science fair.

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