Examples and Applications of Bernoulli’s Principle

Definition of Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli’s principle is when the speed of the uninterrupted flowing liquid increases then there is an increase or decrease in the potential energy of the liquid.

Examples of Bernoulli’s Principle:


Bernoulli’s Principle is closely associated with flying of an airplane. The airplane moves in the forward direction due to generation of thrust by its jet or propeller. During movement, air moves faster over the top of the surface of the wings. According to Bernoulli’s Principle, when the air moves faster over the wings of the airplane, the pressure decreases on the top surface of the wings. Simultaneously the speed of the air on the bottom side of the wing is less than the air on the top. The atmospheric air also moves with less speed. This means that the pressure of air on the top of the wing is less than that of the air pressure at the bottom side of the wing. Since the normal pressure of air is 15 lbs per square inch, the surrounding air pressure is more than the moving air on the top of the wing. This air pressure pushes the airplane up with more pressure.

Windows explosion

Another example of Bernoulli’s Principle is the explosion of windows in the hurricanes. When the air reaches the window at a high speed, the air pressure outside the window is less than the air pressure inside the window, where the air is still. This difference in air pressure pushes the windows in an outward direction, and hence the window explodes.

Bunsen burner

Bunsen Burner is another example of Bernoulli’s principle. When the Burner is linked to a gas supply, the gas passes with higher speed through the narrow path of the Burner. This generates a low pressure region outside the Burner. When the external air at atmospheric pressure combines with the gas, the mixture eases the gas to burn to produce fire.

Perfume bottle

In a perfume bottle, the air inside the bottle moves slowly. So the pressure inside the bottle is high and applies a strong force in the downward direction of the perfume. An atomizer contains a long narrow tube which runs from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the bottle.

A nozzle tube, which is connected to the narrow tube at right angles acts as a squeeze pump to make the air flow through it quickly. So, there is a decrease in pressure at the top of the bottle and the perfume flows in the upward direction towards the nozzle along the narrow tube and sprays the perfume outside with great speed. This is due to Bernoulli’s Principle.

Application of Bernoulli’s principle:

  • Bernoulli principle eases to compute the lift strength of an airfoil.
  • It is applied in the Dyson Blade less Fan.
  • Bernoulli principle is applied in the low pressure throat of a Venture.
  • The airspeed indicators are calibrated using the Bernoulli principle
  • Hydrofoil Boat, Insecticide Spray, Carburetor, Spinning of curve ball all these also use Bernouli’s principle.
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