Electronic Projects For Science Fair

Science is a very vast subject and electronics is a small branch of this interesting stream.. This subject gives us knowledge about electrons and its flow through different media and vacuum. Students will also get to know about the process to control electron flow. Electronics engineering involves design and construction of electronic circuits to solve practical problems.

Techonology and Science Projects

Today we see so many electronic devices all around us such as amplifier, radio, computers, etc. Studying electronics engineering you will help you to understand the working of all these devices and components inside these devices.

An electronic project is a good way to create interest in subject and increase knowledge about different electronic devices. These projects mostly include making of different analog and digital circuits and programming with microcontroller.

There are certain factors that determine the result of an electronic project. The first factor is enthusiasm, without which nothing is possible. Other factors are circuit design, printed circuit board design and software programming if microcontroller is involved. To make an electronic circuit you must have good knowledge of its elements such as resistor, transistor, capacitor, etc.

Designing a pre-amplifier circuit is one simple project among many electronic projects. It is an electronic circuit which leads another amplifier and prepare them signal for further amplification. You can easily make this circuit using transistors.



Different types of alarms like fire or burglar alarm are also electronic circuits and you can also make these circuits easily. These circuits are also made up with different electronic elements.

Some other simple electronic projects are flashing LED, Adjustable timer, model railway signal, etc. You can also make a valentine heart for the special person with 18 LED’s flashing at three different rates. So, electronic circuits are also useful to create a special gift for someone special.

You can start with small electronic circuits and you may end up developing an important one in the future.

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