Electro Buzzer Science Experiment

The Electro Buzzer science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments for kids. A simple type of Electro Buzzer consists of a circuit with buzzer, battery and a switch. The buzzer makes sound when the circuit is closed and stops when the circuit is opened. To make an Electro Buzzer is quite simple and does not require much effort at all.

Make Electronic Buzzer Easy :

Children performing the Electro Buzzer science experiment should make sure that they do it under the supervision of an adult in order to prevent any kind of injury. To perform this Electro Buzzer science experiment all you need is an electrical wiring, battery holder,

Electric Buzzer

Electric Buzzer (Image Credit - http://www.aquahub.com)

buzzer, tape, thumbtacks, battery, pliers and clothespin. First of all take the electrical wiring and strip insulation from both the ends of wiring (about one cm) with the help of pliers. Now connect one end of wire to the negative terminal of battery holder and other to positive terminal of battery holder.

Wrap tape on both these wires attached to the terminals with the help of a tape to make sure that the wires do not touch each other. Connect the other ends of wire to the buzzer and wrap tape on these wires on buzzer’s terminal to prevent them from touching each other. To test the circuit you can now place the battery in the battery holder. Soon will see that the buzzer starts ringing.

The next step is to cut any one of the wires at midpoint of the electrical wiring. Strip insulation (one cm) from both the ends of this wire.

Take a clothespin and then press thumbtack into its each arm in such a manner that when the clothespin is closed they touch. Wrap each end of the previously cut wires around thumbtack and push it all the way through. You will notice that the buzzer will keep ringing until the clothes pin is pinched open.

You may have noticed that the Electro Buzzer science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and can prove to be pretty amusing for the kids.

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