Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity is a process that is closely related to the charges. As you know, there are three types of sub-atoms. Protons and electrons carry positive and negative charges respectively. It has been known that the world contains billions of atoms, but what is the difference between an object containing more protons than electrons and vice versa?

The impact of positive and negative charges

The location of protons is found right at the midpoint of an atom, they are strictly determined in a minuscule area which is known as nucleus. The electrons take a different position – they are always found in the exterior purview of the nucleus in the orbitals. It is also important to say that protons are usually stuck in the nucleus – they cannot get away from it, and that’s why we could consider electrons responsible for the usage of the electricity.

Common forms of Electricity

Electricity Science


Electricity is not something can be seen. Basically, we can’t see it, but there are some forms of it that might help you to visualize electricity and magnetism. For example, lightning occurs to us in color and sound, so we can definitely see it. To define, lightning is just a huge spark that transpires when electrons are moving very fast. Since electrons are moving very fast in the process of lightning, we can actually see it. To add, there are three main forms of lightning:

  • Cloud to surface
  • Cloud to cloud
  • Surface to cloud

These three types of lightning differ in energy, as one of them has more electrons than the other and that’s why we cannot see all lightning forms as easy as the other ones.

There are some symptoms which make these three types of lightning very similar to each other. They are all created by the uneven spreading of electrons; all of these lightning types can be measured by special generators known as Van de Graff.

Magnetism’s relation to electricity and its importance

Magnetism is very closely related to electricity. This invention was found not long ago, only about a hundred years. A scientist named Orsted noticed a strange thing that the needle of his compass is being deflected when it is brought near to a current carrying wire. The invention was that the currents have the power to induce in the magnetic fields with invicinity. Electromagnet could be defined as a coil of several wires that can generate a magnetic field when the current is passed through it.

The electricity around us

It is not hard to say that modern people use electricity and magnetism every day. We have a lot of electricity charges in our houses, in our computers, TVs, there are hundreds of flashlights in our town that are run by this process. The type of electricity that we are using at home is called the alternating current. This is the most popular type of electricity and is widely used in the planet. However, there is another popular type of electricity used called direct current.

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