Electricity And Magnetism Project For Kids

Electricity and magnetism are two key units of physics science. Much more experiment and innovation are based on these two units. Electricity represents the flow of energy and magnetism represents the force. When both work together, make the thing to be turn in particular direction.

Electric motor is one of the best and important example of electricity with magnetism. Now we will discus it in following experiment. For electric motor experiment we need following easy available things :–

1. A cell or battery for electricity
2. Magnates
3. Insulated wires stand for electricity flow
4. One insulated wire (copper) to make a loop

Now we can start our experiment by following the steps given bellow :-

  • Make a loop wire of radius about 1cm.
  • Prepare two pole stand of insulated wire for holding loop wire
  • Fix loop wire on both pole by free to rotate
  • Pass the current in both pole using cell or battery

When current is passing throw ought the loop, it will force it to turn due to magnetic effect.

A nice Video is here to learn all this thing:

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