Electrical Ball Game

Science activities or experiments help a child have a great time while performing them and at the same time help them to understand the fundamentals behind science. These science experiments are quite easy for the kids to conduct and have been specially designed for them. There are so many science project topics or ideas available to the kids that they can choose any one of the topics they like and can start the experiment at their home. One of the most popular science experiments is the Electrical Ball Game science experiment. This Electrical Ball Game science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and does not require much effort at all.

Simple Science experiment with paper ball:

To perform this Electrical Ball Game science experiment one needs to have a silver paper, phonograph record, woolen cloth, tin can, dry glass, small silver paper ball and a thread. First of all cut the silver paper in shape of a football player and attach it to the edge of phonograph record. Now take a woolen cloth and rub it to the record in a vigorous manner and place it over a dry glass. Take a tin can and place it about two inches away from the figure. With the help of a thread suspend a small silver paper ball between the tin can and figure. Soon you will be amazed to see that the ball will swing repetitively from the football player towards the tin can and back.

This happens because when the record is rubbed with woolen cloth electricity is produced and flows through the figure attached to it. This figure then attracts the ball and as soon as the ball and figure get equally charged, the ball repels the figure and goes towards the tin can. The electric current from ball then gets transferred to the can and this is the point where the ball loses electricity and returns back to the figure. Once the ball reaches back to the figure the same process starts again. This process is repeated several times until the record loses electricity.

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