Electric Fleas Science Project

Science activities help children to know about science and the things happening around them. These science activities or experiments have been specially designed for the kids. Kids can try these science experiments at their home and find them pretty amusing. Such science experiments help children to develop creativity, proper understanding of science and innovative ideas. You don’t need to have any sort of laboratory equipment or apparatus for conducting these experiments because they involve use of common household items which we usually find at our home. One of the most popular science experiments is the Electric Fleas science experiment. This science experiment is quite simple for the kids to perform and does not require much effort at all.

Electric Flea Trap See How :

To perform the Electric Fleas science project all you need to have is a long playing record, a glass, woolen cloth and silver paper balls. First of all take the long playing record and rub it with a woolen cloth for a while. Now immediately place this record over a glass and then toss small silver paper balls on it. Soon you will be amazed to see that the silver paper balls jump from one another in a very amusing manner. If you try to bring these paper balls on the record close to each other with your finger, they will again jump away from each other. This happens because when the record is rubbed with a woolen cloth the electricity is produced and when the paper balls are tossed over this record, the electric charged gets transferred to these balls and are repelled, but soon they can be seen being attracted to the oppositely charged fields. The balls also repel other balls with same charge.

You might have seen that the Electric Fleas science experiment is pretty simple to carry out and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this amazing Electric Fleas science experiment at home and find it quite amusing. They can even show this science experiment in their class or to their friends or family members.

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