Egg Blowing Science Experiments

Science experiments help children to know about science in an interesting way. These science experiments cause the development of creativity, innovative ideas and proper understanding of science in a child as a result of which the child is able to relate to the things happening around him. Such science experiments have been specially designed for the kids, as a result of which these experiments are simple to perform.

To perform these science experiments you do not require any kind of laboratory equipment or apparatus. These experiments involve the use of basic household items of daily use which are generally found at our home. One of the most popular science experiments is the Egg Blowing science experiment. In this article we will discuss about this science experiment.

Blowing Out an Egg How :

To perform this Egg Blowing science project all you need is an egg and couple of porcelain egg cups. First of all place these two


Eggs (Image Credit -

porcelain egg cups close to each other and then put an egg in any one of these cups. Now blow hard from top on the edge of the cup that holds the egg. Soon you will be amused to see that the egg will rise, turn upside down and fall into another egg cup.

This happens because when the egg is placed in the egg cup, there is some space left between the egg and wall of the egg cup. When you blow air on the edge of cup the air reaches through the gap into the space that is under the egg and becomes compressed due to which the egg gets lifted up, making it fall into another cup.

You might have noticed that this Egg Blowing science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and doe not require much effort at all. Children can try this Egg Blowing science experiment at their home and show it to their family members or friends. They can even demonstrate this experiment in their class or use it for their science project.

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