Earth Science Projects for Kids

Earth Science Projects:

Earth Science

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Earth science is the study of earth and its constituents. It is also known by the name of geosciences and contains all the aspects of planet earth with regard to science disciplines like physics, math’s and chemistry.

The Earth Science Projects help a child understand about the earth and scientific principles associated with it.

These science projects related to earth are not only simple to perform but are also fascinating for the kids. Children can perform these Earth Science Projects at their homes and show it to their friends or family members. They can even use these Earth Science Projects for school science fair.

There are several cool Earth Science Projects which make a child learn and have a great time conducting these experiments.

While conducting certain Earth Science Projects, proper safety equipments have to be used such as safety goggles, cloak, gloves, etc.

It is also very important to have an adult supervision while kids perform these experiments so that any kind of injury or accident can be avoided. Some of the most popular and amazing Earth Science Projects are as follows:

Ideas for Earth Science Fair Projects :

  • Composition of a shell
  • Cloud Cover
  • Water Evaporation
  • Volcanic Gas
  • Transpiration in plants
  • Tornado demonstration
  • Star Observer
  • Thirsty rocks
  • Pressure volcano
  • Soil erosion
  • Ocean temperature
  • Osmosis
  • Homemade volcano
  • Make limestone
  • Homemade geodes
  • Fog formation
  • Desalinate sea water
  • Eroding away
  • Create a heat detector
  • How much oxygen is in the air
  • Solar hot dog cooker
  • Make lightning
  • Make a thermometer
  • Rock hound expedition
  • How to polish rocks
  • Make a seismograph
  • How to make a fossil cast
  • Solar purifier
  • Rock experiments

The Earth Science Projects play a major role in making children appreciate planet earth and its wonders. In today’s world of global warming, environmental pollution and natural calamities it has become necessary to let the children know about the beauty of nature and value its resources, since they are our future.

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